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Best Strategies, what's your's?
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Mon Nov 17 2008, 10:56PM
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Ok, here is my strategy so far, seems to work pretty good. Any other suggestions for the higher levels would be helpful to all of us. The highest I have gotten to is Level 22 with 4 people, and level 11 by myself.

1st a couple of absolute do's and dont's,

Do make sure your entire team has a microphone, without it it's useless to go on
Do communicate alot, calm collected is the way to go, not screaming and excited
Do brief your team on your strategy,
Do have a call out word like "Breach" or "In the room" for when the zombies do get in the room,
Do have a codeword for all the window's you are defending, like "Bar's", "Front", "Stair", "Side" and "Truck" in the early levels, as well as "Door", "Cave", "Side" and "Deck" for the help room entry points in the latter levels,
Do have an Emergency codeword for calling out if you get overrun and need to head to the "Help" room or evacuate to the upper room stair lobby, like "Armageden", or "Alamo"
Do swap over to your weaker weapon before buying a new weapon,
Do count on teamwork, without it you won't get to a level 5, and most likely not even that far
Do stay stocked up on ammo, without it you are DEAD!

Do Not ever move the couch going upstairs from the main room,
Do Not rush to revive a teammate if he is overrun by zombies, unless he has the most powerful weapons like the Browning, Flamethrower, or Ray Gun, or the wave is almost over and it is safe to do so
Do Not use the flamethrower in the rooms unless absolutely necessary (Blinds your teammates), use it for the cave and flaming out of the windows
Do Not rush to pick up the "Max Ammo" until you call out for your teammates to reload 1st, then go get it.
Do Not buy the double barrel shotgun, it takes way too long to reload,
Do Not ever open the gun cabinet that's upstairs for $1,800.00, you only get a sniper rifle which is useless.
Do Not step in front of your teammate on the higher levels while shooting out the door, by standing in the line of fire, your teammate can't shoot,

My strategy so far is,
On levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 stand at the outside of the "HELP" door and let the zombies all come into the room, don't shoot them outside yet except to get $100.00 by shooting your pistol so you can buy the "M1", if that's what gun you want. Others I have played with have just used their pistols for a few chest shots, then they knife them for more points per zombie. By letting them in the room, you get more "X2", "Max Ammo", "Insta-Kills" and "Nuke Bombs", if you kill them all outside, you never get those bonus drops. Try to get as many headshots as possible for more cash. Between waves rebuild the windows. Anytime you get "Insta-Kill" run to the windows and slaughter every zombie you can see with one shot, anytime you get "X2", really try for the headshots and reboard up any windows for more points. I try to never use the "Nuke Bomb " early on because nobody gets any points for the kills.

On levels 5, 6 & 7 or 8, keep them at bay by shooting them outside as much as possible, but when they do breach the room and you can't hold them off from the windows any longer, gather your team by the Help door and defend from there and kill as many as you can. You can rebuild a window and still be able to spin around aim and shoot while holding down the "X" button, it takes a little dexterity on the controller, but you can do it. I also saw a guy stand at a window, holding down the "X" button to rebuild and headshotting zombies at his window at the same time. What else I like to do is toss a grenade down to the far end when you have some in the main room, most likely you will get at least one crawling around slowly. Keep killing the rest until the crawling one is the only one left on that wave. While he is crawling around, be careful to avoid him, it gives you plenty of time to board up all the windows and gather your thoughts and communicate the upcoming strategy you are going to use. Also, if you are close to being ready to open the "Help" door, the crawling zombie gives you tons of time to open the door, and get all of your teammates to hit up the toybox.

Once you hit around level 8 or so, it is time to open the "Help" door. Our rule is whoever has the most cash opens the Help door and gets 1st crack at the toybox. Then all of the rest of the team each tries the toybox to get better weapons, have everybody keep trying while keeping the zombies at bay at the same time. Keep defending the waves from the "Help" room only until everybody gets the most powerful weapons. The crawling lone zombie is great for giving you time to hit up the toybox. Once everybody gets better weapons, assign people with flamethrowers, shotguns, and low fire rate weapons to the windows and cave hole. Let the 2 stronger weapon teammates hold the door, one crouches and fires, the other stands behind him and waits til the lower one has to reload, then the standing one fires while the lower one reloads, and swap back and forth like that until the wave ends (What I refer to as the "Hi-Lo" method). As the guys at the windows and cave have time or chances, have them run to the toy box for better weapons, but they must rebuild first. Ultimate goal is to arm each teammate with a heavy machine gun and a ray gun or at least 2 with the heavy machine gun and a ray gun, and the other 2 with a heavy machine gun and a pump shotgun or flamethrower. Keep trying until you can get the best weapons you can. Don't venture out into the main room except to get the bonus drops, and then only do that when it is safe and somebdoy is covering you. If you can get 2 guys with a Ray gun and a Heavy machine gun, and 2 guys with a Heavy machine gun and either a pump shotgun or flamethrower you are golden (for a little while, lol). I also like to try to leave one crawling around so we have time to board up the windows and hit up the toybox. I am not sure if you can put one into the crawl mode by throwing a grenade out the window and hitting them, will try that later for sure. After about level 10 or so, fcuk the windows except in the "Help" room. Try not to have 2 people shoot out the door at the same time shooting zombies, you both waste a lot of ammunition that isn't hitting anything. One shooters bullets are hitting zombies and the others are hitting fresh air. On the higher levels, ammunition is like oxygen, without it you are dead.

Using these guidelines, if you get together a good working team, you should easily get to level 15+.

It really starts to get hairy after that. My strategy for going further after that gets a little fluid. When we have gotten where we can't safely hold the "Help" room without too many close calls, it's time to move the couch at the back stairs in the "Help" room, have everybody run upstairs and head to where the "Grenade bag" is on the wall above the other stairs. DO NOT remove the couch at those stairs. Have all your teammates defend from that area. There are only 2 ways for the zombies to get in, the window at the top of the closed stairs and the doorway into the main upper floor area. Put the 2 guys with the least powerful weapons at the stairs window, the other 2 stand by the grenades and defend from there in the Hi-Lo manner with only one shooting at a time so the other can cover when the first needs to reload. While one is shooting, the other should reload and contstantly throw grenades out the square holes in the wall by the doorway. That is why it's a good idea to stand back towards the grenade bag so you can easily buy more, just turn and hit "X".

These are my ideas so far, they may be right or may not be, if not, I will try different strategies to get further. I have heard of teams opening up both stairs early on and defending from inside the help room, but never open up the help door, I don't know how far they have ever gotten, but it is a different strategy. Let's hear your's.

Best weapon setups...
Door guard 1 HMG & Ray Gun
Door guard 2 HMG & Ray Gun
Window/Cave guard 1 HMG & Ray Gun or HMG or Pump Shotty or Flamethrower
Window/Cave guard 2 HMG & Ray Gun or HMG or Flamethrower

And if you read this far, sorry for the long post, but thank you for reading anyway.

Good NAZI ZOMBIE Hunting everybody!
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Mon Nov 17 2008, 11:35PM
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are you playing on the computer or Xbox/ps3??
cause i hit the "F" key to repair windows/wall.
think most people here play on computer??
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 12:25AM
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Wow, I play on XBox360, but I think the strategy should be the same.

Sorry, if this is a "PC Only" site, let me know and I will kindly unsubscriibe. I know it could get confusing comparing different platforms.
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Tue Nov 18 2008, 12:41AM
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Hey it's not a problem mate. I'm sure your strategy will work perfectly.

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Tue Nov 18 2008, 08:29AM
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No dont worry m8 we play on PC but works the same
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Sat Nov 29 2008, 08:18AM
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Joined: Sat Nov 29 2008, 01:14AM
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Yeah on PC it's actually easier to shoot while rebuilding. We just hold "F" and move with the mouse. Not hard at all!

P.S.: Sincce this topic is about "Strategy" I should mention that I just made a large Zombie strategy guide: http://cod5zombies.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?471

[ Edited Sat Nov 29 2008, 08:20AM ]
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Sat Dec 13 2008, 01:36AM
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Those are pretty detailed useful strats. We follow a similar strat except for a few changes such as:
We open the help room as early as possible (ROUND 3). This enables everyone to have multiple goes at the chest to get the random weapons. Opening the extra room doesnt put anyone at danger anyways as its really easy in the early stages. We haven't played huge amounts on the zombie mod but when we get our good guys in there we can usually go pretty far.
As far as opening the coach to enter the upstairs we have done it only in really high stages. Basically, once you hit like level 18 or 19 it starts to get insane with the zombies rushing in faster and the rounds lasting for ages. I remember going upstairs for the first time and not knowing where to go it's kinda hard when u have zombies harsh comin at ya. Basically once all your teammates have premium weapons is when u can consider leaving the help room. Premium weapons of course being the Ray gun and heavy MG's.

Here is a screeny of probably one of our better games.....
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Fri Dec 19 2008, 06:07PM
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they are pretty good tips
also one more thing to remember is not to go to the random box while the round is in progress cos you cant really cover the door that well coz they be heading straight to the person at the random box
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