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Zombie Hands & Pink ammo containers?
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Mon Dec 29 2008, 04:57PM
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Hello, I just downloaded the zombie mod Vacant by HoG. Great map, well made, very fun to play...if you like using the Kar98 and Colt the whole game...
Every gun that has an attachment gives me some kind of weird zombie hand with pink ammo container...

The gun that I am currently holding in this picture is the Gewher + Aperture Sight...my friend is using the Trench Gun + Grip

My friend can use the guns fine, but for me I see them with the pink ammo container as well as myself.
We both use Windows Vista if that means anything.
Am I missing a file? Corrupted file?

Any insight and help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Tue Dec 30 2008, 10:08AM
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nar i think its fine.. i think its just a little mod made by the makers of cod... you can unlock it when u type in "give all" cheat to unlock all guns.
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Mon Feb 02 2009, 12:10AM
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I haven't noticed anything like this while playing this map. Of course, you can unlock this by cheats, but if you see it in classic game with cheats off, there is something really strange on it.
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Mon Feb 02 2009, 02:17PM
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lol its pretty funny tho
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Mon Feb 02 2009, 03:57PM
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[ Edited Tue Feb 03 2009, 12:44AM ]
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Mon Feb 02 2009, 04:29PM
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[ Edited Mon Feb 02 2009, 06:05PM ]
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