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Double_T's Zombie Map-Factory
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Sat Feb 05 2011, 10:04PM
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Enter, enter! Welcome! You have walked into my factory, which I'll post Zombie Maps, made by me on paint. Here's this one I made today!

Zombie Fabrik II
(Zombie Factory 2)



++Map Layout++

(Sorry if the image is too big...)



This room is the one you spawn in. An Olympia and M14 can be bought for both 500. Quick Revive makes
appearence as well. It can be bought for 500 as well. A teleporter is found here as well. There are
four zombie spawns to guard. The next room costs 750 points to open. This room has open space in it,
and can be easy to guard. You can see the mystery box through one of the windows. The mystery is located
in this room. You should be out of this room by Round 5.

//Observation Room\\

This room is one of the smaller rooms in the level. There is a MPL for 1000, and a MP5K for 1200. There
are 3 zombies spawns to guard. A musical easter egg is found and will play "115". The box is also located
here, as well. You should be out of this room by Round 8.

//Weaponary Testing Room\\

This is the largest room overall. There's a PM63 for 1000, a M16 for 1200 and a AK47u for 1200. Juggernog
is found here, and two myster box spawn here. There are 7 zombie spawns to guard, which means you should be
out of this room by Round 11. A teleporter is found here, as with another musical easter egg, which will play
"Beauty of Annihilation". Electric Shock Defenses can be activated once you turn the power on.

//Testing Room\\

This is the 2nd biggest room overall, but to many's surprise, only has 2 zombie spawns. It's the easiest room
in the entire map to guard. It has a mystery box spawn and Speed Cola. A Electric Shock Defenses can be turned
on once the power is on. A teleporter is found in this room. The Stakeout can be bought for 1500.

//Power Room\\

This room is the one with power in it. There are only 2 zombies spawns and PhD Flopper is found here. The
mystery box is found along with the ability to ascess to power. Once you turn the power on, all the green
doors will open and you can roam around the map.


Only ascessable once the power is turned on. Nothing special, only 1 zombie spawn. The smallest room in the

//Teleporter Room\\

This is the 2nd smallest room. It contains a teleporter and Frag Grenades, which can be bought for 250. There
is 1 zombie spawn here, and a musical easter egg, "The One" is found here. This room is excellent for camping,
because there is only one zomie spawn to guard, and you can teleport as an escape plan.

//Pack-A-Punch Room\\

Ascessable via teleporter. Once you enter this room, you can pack-a-punch any weapon you have in stock. The
Bowie Knife can be bought for 3000, and Claymores can be bought for 1000. A teleporter is found here. The
musical easter egg, "Abracadvre" is found here, and after about a 45 seconds, you are teleported out of the
room to prevent cheating.

++Mystery Box Weapons++

M2 Flamethrower
Ray Gun
Wunderwaffe DG-2
Monkey Bomb
Ballistic Knife
China Lake
Winter's Howl
Gersch Device
Matryoshka Dolls

++Power Ups++

Max Ammo
Double Points
Death Machine
Fire Sale
Wonder Choice TV

Wonder Choice TV let's you choose a Wonder Weapon for 1000. Interesting, huh? You can only get it
if you kill all the robots without them doing damage to the factory.



Our usual enemy. Zombies. Nothing important. The zombies are wearing scientist coats, mostly.


We welcome a new enemy. They are like the Space Monkeys, except more bigger and harder to kill. They each have
a different colored light on there head, indicating what there after. Blue goes after perks,and will take all
perks away from the players. Red goes after the Mystery Box, and switches it's position. Yellow will undo all
zombie barriers, which is a pain. Green will simply go after everyone and try to kill them. They are immune
to Wonder Weapons, making them even harder to kill. Ray Gun, Thundergun, Wunderwaffe, every one. The only one
which will work is the Winter's Howl. If you manage to destroy them, you get a new Power-Up.


How's that? And, if you can make Custom Maps and actually play them, then... AWESOME.
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