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nazi_zombie_bunker (just testmap)
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Thu Jan 15 2009, 11:07PM
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i got u a working teleporter m8
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Sun Jan 18 2009, 08:06PM
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GodFather, u have a PM, read it !!! =)

All right, look above, i think teleporter wll done.

To Do:
Fix the bug in the Cave: Zombies walk 30metres and than they died (i don't why)

I think than the map is full playable. Than i need all ur feedbacks to make it compleate.

And this is the official information about my new map
"Nazi Zombie Tunnel"

Tunnel is a Addon for Bunker. It is a new Map, because to add this in Bunker is too big.
Tunnel start there, where Bunker ends, right! in the tunnel. U have to fight through the tunnel to find a exit. And it is aigan with targets, but now the map hasn't so much bugs like bunker and will make more fun, no stupid teleporter and no cave where zombies just dieing by walking, i promise.

I add some Screens maybe tomorrow, keep on guys!

[ Edited Sun Jan 18 2009, 08:08PM ]
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Mon Mar 02 2009, 08:36PM
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Hey what's up has the map been abandoned?
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Thu Mar 05 2009, 02:31AM
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This map is great, and the Tunnel sounds like it could turn out to be even better. Please post updates!
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Sun Jun 28 2009, 01:18PM
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any information would be nice:P
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Tue Jul 21 2009, 03:36PM
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Ok guys, I think I owe you an answer:

I was in big trouble, lot of work and than my computer get a total crash.
also, unfortunately, the map was deleted (it was on beta 03, grrrrrrrrrrr)
Then i was a bit disappointed and played ArmA 2 (really cool game) and start my project page www.deltastudio.de
But i missed the zombie killing and so....

I'm back !

And here are the good news:

After playing the 2 new maps, i was total happy to see that Zombie Mod gets a really cool update.
the traps and the power generator (to activate all the traps and so) are really good for Bunker reloaded.
Bunker reloaded? You're right, it's time to finish this map so i will remap it, but with a new bunker layout.

I will start as soon as possible (Mod Tool downloading... )

And it's cool that you loved my mapidea and I hope it continues.

It is a lot of work, so stay tuned for news.
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